• Our directors

    Mikkel Levelt, 6th generation of the Levelt family, and Rob Sikkema


In 1826, Simon Levelt opened
a shop in “Old Holland” in the
Old Port of Amsterdam.


We already helped build
a school, a dental practice and
coffee processing facilities.

Tierra Nova Foundation


The foundation has close
ties with Simon Lévelt

Small Family Business, Big Brand

Founded in 1826, Simon Lévelt has almost 200 years’ experience in blending fine quality teas and roasting the world’s finest coffees. We are proud to have a pioneering history of bringing the first Organic certified coffee and tea to the Netherlands in the 1980s. On top of this we helped to set up the Fairtrade Quality mark.

We are proud to have a pioneering history of bringing the first Organic certified coffee and tea to the Netherlands.


Not only do we take care of purchasing, we also handle blending, grading, cupping, production and packaging. This is the only way we can guarantee a quality product. All of our teas are packed and coffees are roasted in-house at our Haarlem HQ . Our Master Roaster comes up with a roast profile, bringing out the coffee’s unique flavours.

Our producers

Our focus is on building strong long – term relationships with customers and the producers we buy from. The relationship with our producers is the beating heart of our brand. Our dedicated buyers travel all over the world to meet up with them to see with their own eyes how the products are grown and how we could improve product quality and working conditions.

Our products

If you are looking for organic tea or coffee for your business or enterprise please contact us! Our head office is based in Haarlem, from where we service our customers in Europe and Asia. We invite you to explore our coffee and tea flavours from around the world. All ethically sourced by our own purchasing team.

  • Ignace

    Buyer coffee & tea

  • Milo

    Category manager

  • Paula

    Head category management

  • Remko


  • Frank


  • Jan-Willem

    Head of production

  • Redouane

    Coffee roaster

  • Sandra

    Cupping lab

  • Alexander

    Cupping lab

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