The farmers

and their stories

Working closely with coffee farmers and tea producers has many benefits: not only do we improve the quality of our products, but also the living and labour conditions of the workers, and that inspires passion for our products in the countries where they are grown. Our collaboration may consist of financial support to our suppliers and/or the exchange of knowledge and experience. A perfect example of putting sustainable entrepreneurship into practice.

Mierisch Family

Climate change, coffee rust, the coffee borer beetle… in order to mitigate the effects of the many threats to the coffee harvest, coffee producers do well to consider applying new methods. Finca Mierisch in Nicaragua regularly comes face-to-face with these problems too, but they don’t let it stop them. Read more

Kawacom, Uganda

In Bugisu, in eastern Uganda, 4,000 smallholder farmers have united under the name of Sipi Falls for the cultivation of organic arabica coffee. The farmers used to each process their own coffee beans, which led to inconsistent quality. Simon Lévelt and coffee exporter Kawacom therefore decided to jointly invest in shared coffee processing facilities. The project required an investment of over 700,000 Euro. It was realised with financial support from the Dutch Economic Information Service in the framework of the Emerging Markets Cooperation Programme. Read more

Sanjay Bansal, India

Sanjay Bansal is the owner of a tea plantation in Darjeeling and has been a supplier to Simon Lévelt for more than 25 years. Hans Levelt, the former managing director of Simon Lévelt, and Sanjay Bansal met multiple times, in both Amsterdam and Darjeeling. They realised they had a lot in common, such as their shared concern for the welfare of our planet and its inhabitants. Read more

Mierisch family Nicaragua
Sipi Falls Oeganda
Ambootia Darjeeling India

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